Audrey & Jeremy Roloff’s Big Move: Tour Their New Home

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by: Audrey Roloff
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Jeremy and Audrey's Big Move: Home Tour (Part 4 of 4)
"Little People, Big World" newlyish-weds Audrey and Jeremy Roloff haved moved into a new home, and have shared their journey to that new home in a TLCme in a digital video series "Jeremy & Audrey Roloff's Big Move." In our last installment, we gave you a quick peek of the new home (click through all the pages to see their complete journey). For this one, you get a closer look. Here's Audrey with more details.

So we still don't have a name for our new home yet... any suggestions? Leave them in the comments! We would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Above is a video tour of our new place! In it, we talk about a few of the DYI/home improvement projects we've been conjuring up. The most significant one so far would be my grandpa's old brown 80's style dresser. Here's how we upgraded it:

Upgrading Grandpa's Dresser


An old dresser

Old rag or towel

7 cans of Rust-Oleum 2X ultra cover paint + primer (semi-gloss white)

220 grit sand paper

3/4 square wooden rod

Nylon spacers

Wood screws (length may vary)

Dark walnut wood stain

Black foam paint brush

Screw gun

Wood saw

Old gloves

A piece of wire


  1. Remove old handles/knobs from the dresser drawers.
  2. Sand down dresser and each individual drawer with 220 grit sand paper.
  3. Thoroughly clean dresser with old rag or towel so that there is no dust left on the wood.
  4. Spray paint each individual drawer and the dresser with a light coat of Rust-Oleum semi-gloss white spray paint (Home Depot). Make sure to hold the can far enough away to prevent blotching.
  5. Repeat step 3 until the drawers and dresser are completely white. Make sure to let the paint fully dry in between coats.
  6. Cut the 3/4 inch wooden rod into preferred length for the dresser handles.
  7. Smooth the cut wooden handles with 220 grit sand paper.
  8. Clean the wooden handles with the towel/rag
  9. Stain each wood handle with walnut stain using the black foam paint brush applying lightly.
  10. The nylon spacer need to be larger in diameter than the screw holes in your drawer. The screws need to be shorter than the distance of the inside of the drawer to the outside of the handle + the length of your nylon spacer. Pilot drill the handles in the exact spot that lines up with the holes in your drawer. Make sure you pilot them exactly in the center, and even, otherwise your handles will be crooked.
  11. String all the nylon spacers on a piece of wire horizontally and hang it like a clothing line. Make sure the nylon spacers aren't touching.
  12. Spray pain the nylon spacers white.
  13. Install handles: Put the the wooden screw through the back of the dresser drawer. Then slip the nylon spacer over the screw. Line up the pilot drilled handle with the screw and tighten it until it's compressed solid.
  14. Complete step 13 on all of the drawers.
  15. Put the drawers back in the dresser and admire your completed project :)

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