At What Age Are You Happiest? Researchers Say They Have the Answer

posted: 04/20/17
by: Amanda Mushro
age of happiness
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age of happiness

We've all heard that age is just a number, but at what age would you say you have been your happiest? Was it sweet 16, the freedom of being 21, or did you realize life really does begin at 40? According to researcher, they have pinpointed the ages that people are at their happiest, and the ages might surprise you.

According to experts from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, happiness peaks at the age of 23 and again at 69. For this study, researchers questioned 23,000 people, aged 17 to 85, on how happy they are now and how happy they imagine they will be in five years. What they found was that--when drawn out--happiness goes in a U-shape that bottoms out in middle age and peaks again later in life. Researchers found that the younger participants overestimated how happy they would be as they got older, while the older participants underestimated their level of fulfillment now.

So what is it about these two specific ages that create such joy and fulfillment? Could it be for many 23-year-olds they are fresh out of college, finally making some money of their own, making strides in their career, and can envision their whole lives ahead of them? Are all of those gleeful 69-year-olds enjoying the perks of retirement, less daily stress and anxiety, and enjoying grandchildren?

Do you agree with the research? Tell us in the comments which ages you believe people are at their happiest.