Are You Making These 10 Common Makeup Mistakes?

posted: 07/29/15
by: Olivia Frymark

While we always love a natural look, we can't deny our love for the transformative powers of makeup. Even if you think you've mastered your makeup, you may be unknowingly committing common beauty blunders. Here are 10 makeup mistakes plus simple tips for fixing them and getting a flawless face.

1. Skipping moisturizer

Moisturizer may be makeup's biggest complement. Hydrated skin is a must if you want your makeup to look its best. Dry skin can cause makeup to flake right off, so always remember to moisturize before you prime for foundation.

2. Forgetting about primer

Primer is a very important tool in keeping your face put together for the whole day. Applying a primer before foundation makes your skin smoother and hydrated enough to hold your makeup in place.

3. Picking the wrong foundation

Foundation is a key tool in blending all your skin colors together for the perfect finished look. But many women wear the wrong shade of foundation, defeating its main purpose of evening out skin tone. And no one wants a mismatched face and neck! Instead, take the time to get foundation matched by a professional. Or, use this tried-and-true makeup artist trick: Apply a bit of foundation on a Q-tip or sponge and then dab little bit on the center of your jawline, right along the side of your face. If the foundation matches your skin perfectly, buy it ASAP.

4. Not cleaning your brushes

Having clean makeup brushes is a must if you want your makeup to look its best. Old and unwashed brushes collect dust and bacteria that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Remember to rinse your brushes out with soap or shampoo once every two weeks and replace them annually. One study found that from week one to week two, the bacteria in brushes doubled, and by the end of the month, researchers found that the levels of bacteria were too high to measure!

5. Wearing the same makeup during all four seasons

We've already been over how important it is to have the right shade of foundation. The same logic goes with all other makeup. Tones that are matched for your skin in the winter can be too light for that summer skin glow. Make sure you stay on top of color changes each season.

6. Lash curling last

Lash curling last is one of the biggest mascara mistakes you can make. While you might think you see a bigger difference after the mascara application, curling lashes with product already on them can cause lashes to stick together and create a buildup of clumpy, hard-to-remove makeup.

7. Using waterproof makeup too much

Waterproof mascara is great for when you know you're going to get wet. But for your day-to-day look, you don't need it. The product will dry out your eyelashes leaving them to be dull and brittle. Keep those lashes hydrated for the pop you've been lusting after.

8. Not checking your makeup's expiration date

Like all things, makeup does have an expiration date. Once opened, a user has a certain time period to use the product by. The lids of products like bronzer, shadows, and blushes should usually have an "M" or "Y" with a number to indicate when you should toss the product. As a general rule, buy a new tube of mascara every 3-6 months, liquid concealer every 6-12 months, lipstick every 2 years and power, blush and eyeshadow every 2 years. Using expired makeup has the same effects of using dirty brushes. Pores will be clogged, which can cause breakouts or something worse!

9. Putting blush on just the apple of your cheeks

One of the most common blush mistakes is that it's applied like clown circles. Instead, apply it in a line directly above the cheekbone to get its full effect.

10. Forgetting to blend

To get that natural look you want, be sure to blend all your makeup. Whether it's foundation from face to neck or your highlight color with your bronze contour, combining all of your makeup together will be the final touch to your glistening look.