Are These Flower Jelly Lipsticks Too Pretty to Wear?

posted: 06/24/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Your summer makeup routine calls for the lightest of touches: nude manicures, dewy skin, and shiny lids or colored mascaras in place of dark nails, heavy contouring, and moody eyeshadow. And that makes the newest craze in lip products, Kailijumei's flower jelly lipstick, a must-have for any beauty maven's toolbox.

The clear lipsticks leave a glossy shine that's designed to "change color according to your temperature," according to the China-based distributor, and are made with ingredients including cocoa butter, beeswax, lavender oil, and olive oil to moisturize your pout at the same time. They come in three floral varieties -- pale pink Barbie Doll Power, bright Flame Red, and peachy Minutemaid -- for $30 each, or in a plain stick for $25.

But it's the look of the product that has customers buying them faster than the company can stock them: Summery dried flowers and glimmering gold flecks mean the jellies look just as gorgeous on your makeup counter as they do on your lips.