Are there Two Legs or Just One in This Viral Photo

posted: 02/27/18
by: Amanda Mushro

When one teen posted a picture of her outfit of the day, she never expected to create the internet's newest and highly debated optical illusion. But here we are wondering--do you see one leg or two?

Behind the newest viral photo is 18-year-old Marisol Villanueva, who lives in Granada, Spain. When she snapped the selfie she simply noted how she made a fashion faux paus by mixing vertical and horizontal stripes. Little did she know, her picture would quickly send Twitter users into a tailspin.

So take a look at the photo and tell us what you see? Is this a picture where you can see both of her legs or just one?

Since posting, Villanueva's tweet has gotten more than 42,000 likes and seven thousand comments from people weighing in on which they saw: one leg or two.

To help you out in the debate, we can confirm there is only one leg visible in the photo. Because off the way that Villanueva is posed, her left leg is hidden behind the right with only her left shoe visible. While it may look like the teen has incredibly skinny legs, it's just an optical illusion.

Clearly Villanueva has a sense of humor because she later photoshopped a hilarious picture of how she would look if the photo was of two legs, which left Twitter users in stiches and confirmed the picture only shows one leg.