Are Perms Back? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Latest Hair Trend

posted: 11/28/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Getting ringlets of hair at hairdresser
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Getting ringlets of hair at hairdresser

Before if you said the word perm in the middle of a hair salon, most people assume you are talking about the frizzy and super damaging hair treatments that ruled the 80s and still have a lot of us hiding school pictures from those days. But if you talk about perms today, you can forget poofy hair and think beachy waves. Rather than spending hours every day using a wide-barrel curling iron or paying big bucks for a professional blow out, women are opting for a more permeant solution to getting those soft gorgeous waves, and the perm is it!

But this isn't the same perm everyone had in the 80s. Here's how it's different and what you should ask for if you're looking for a permanent wavy style the next time you go to the salon.

Gone are the small rods from the early days of perms. Now stylist are using large rods to give ladies the soft beachy waves without the blowout.

The chemicals used are a lot less damaging than the perms of the 80s, and that awful smell--it's gone!

The name might be different at your salon. Because perms have such a bad rap, some salons are calling this a modern wave or permanent textured curls.

Rather than frizzy, dry, permed hair, the modern perm can give you smooth waves with lots of volume.

Since natural curls aren't uniform, new wave perms follow suit. So rather than the rods being placed in a particular order all over your head, new perms look more natural and give you "I just woke up like this" look.

It's still a good idea to take care of your hair before and after the perm since this really makes a difference on how the perm looks in your hair. Even though newer versions are less damaging, they can still damage your hair. So ask your stylist for tips and follow them!

If you have very short hair and lots of layers, you might want to grow out your hair before trying a perm since this will change to look of your curls.

Ask at your salon who has the most experience with modern perms before you commit and take lots of pictures for inspiration.