Anorexia Victim’s Family Sells Her Designer Shoes for a Good Cause

posted: 07/31/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg
Kathryn Laudadio
The Kathryn Laudadio Memorial Shoe Project

From the first time we see Cinderella slide into her glass slippers, or Dorothy skip down the yellow-brick road in her ruby red heels, we are introduced to the idea of how special the perfect shoe can make you feel. From feeling inferior and lost, to becoming confident and discovering that there's 'no place like home,' these wide-eyed women show us that the perfect pair of shoes can evoke enchantment and spark transformation.

For many, an exceptional pair of shoes completes a look while taking attention away from one's body and deflecting it to an area that isn't wounded by society's impossible standards.

For 22-year-old Kathryn Laudadio, this was her truth.

Before losing a long battle with anorexia and bipolar disorder by taking her own life in September 2013, she found a powerful outlet in shoes. Intrigued by the authenticity of shoe size and its inability to be altered, her passion led her to amass a prized collection of more than 300 pairs of designer shoes that she kept in pristine condition. These shoes were an outward expression of her inner-self, granting her the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone.

In honor of her many wonderful qualities and a life just as vibrant as her shoe collection, her family is now putting her stilettos and sandals to good use. They have placed 204 pairs for sale on the website Fashion Project, a charitable organization which sells like-new designer items. Fifty-five percent of the proceeds will go to Project HEAL: Help to Eat Accept and Live - a non-profit organization that raises funds for those who struggle with eating disorders but are unable to afford treatment.

The Laudadios hope to raise $10,000 to establish a Project HEAL scholarship in Kathryn's name and help some of the estimated 30 million Americans who suffer with eating disorders.

Having spent much time deciding what to do with Kathryn's prized collection, her family knows that, without a doubt, this is exactly what she would have wanted.

One might even call it a perfect fit.

To view the Kathryn Laudadio Memorial Shoe project, visit: www.fashionproject.com/myfp/kathrynlaudadio/shop

Kathryn Laudadio
The Kathryn Laudadio Memorial Shoe Project