And The Best Neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating is…

posted: 10/20/15
by: Courtney Reimer
Children in halloween costumes

Remember when you were a kid and every year around Halloween everyone would whisper about which houses gave out full-size candy bars and which would give out toothbrushes instead of candy? Well, Zillow, the real estate site, has done the grown-up version of that and has released what they're calling "The Trick or Treat Index."

First, it ranks the top cities for the best trick-or-treating experience and then it goes a little closer in to detail which neighborhoods are the best for the Halloween tradition. The metrics they use are not surprising (given that they're a real estate brand), and they're less about who's literally giving out the best candy, but rather which neighborhoods have the best home value, walkability, safety and population age (i.e., lots of kids of trick-or-treating age). They also take into account how close together the homes are because, as they say: "trick or treating is way more fun with other kids and when you can get the most candy in the shortest amount of time."

The 20 best cities for trick-or-treating, per Zillow:

  1. San Francisco
  2. San Jose
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Milwaukee
  5. Phoenix
  6. Chicago
  7. Boston
  8. San Diego
  9. Denver
  10. Sacramento
  11. Charlotte
  12. Las Vegas
  13. Philadelphia
  14. Columbus
  15. Albuquerque
  16. Portland
  17. Dallas
  18. Seattle
  19. Nashville
  20. Jacksonville

The best neighborhoods within those top 10 cities are:
  1. Presidio Heights in San Francisco
  2. Cambrian Park in San Jose
  3. Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles
  4. Upper East Side in Milwaukee
  5. Alhambra in Phoenix
  6. Ravenswood Manor in Chicago
  7. Beacon Hill in Boston
  8. Del Mar Heights in San Diego
  9. Country Club in Denver
  10. River Park in Sacramento