An Executive Producer Fell For A Wealthy, Charming “Miracle” Surgeon to The Pope & Obama…It Was All A Lie

posted: 02/15/18
by: TLCme

What would you do if you met a surgeon who at one point was named one of the most "innovative surgeons," whisked you away to places like Santorini, Greece, Venice, Italy and told you that you were the love of his life? This is what happened to investigative reporter Benita Alexander. Benita's story is a love story, just one that has gone terribly wrong -- in almost every way possible. Benita and Dr. Paolo Macchiarini met when Benita was doing a story for NBC on the innovative surgeon, as he was part of a breakthrough area of medicine where body parts are grown in a lab. Paolo is credited with medical miracles, including the world's first synthetic organ transplant, which involved fashioning a trachea out of plastic and then coating it with a patient's own stem cells and becomes part of the person's body. I mean, sounds like a total catch right? This is totally Benita's "Mr. Big".

When I first started watching I thought I would definitely be able to pick up that there were some red flags about her love interest, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini -- ESPECIALLY SINCE THE TITLE OF THE DOCUMENTARY IS CALLED "HE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING," but as I'm watching I can't help to also get swept away by Paolo. The way he is so caring with Benita's 9-year-old daughter, who just recently lost her father to brain cancer. The little surprises he does for Benita. I kept telling myself "no, no he's lying, that's the whole premise of this special"...and I'm only watching it, I'm not the one who's jet-setting to Greece and Italy.

Things were going swimmingly, it was just like a fairy tale...so of course Paolo proposed and Benita was living her own real-life Cinderella story. As they began to make their guest list it included people like The Obamas, The Clintons, Sir Elton John and the Pope marrying them -- all because they has a special relationship with Paolo. Being an investigative journalist Benita couldn't help but question some things like why hadn't she met any of his close friends? But then he does things like learns how to salsa only because Benita loves salsa dancing.

Now, remember how Paolo was transplanting synthetic tracheas into people and it was a total "medical miracle?" Well, turns out it wasn't so much a medical miracle as much as it was a lie. 6 of the 8 people who had the transplanted tracheas died. The medical community came out against him stating his papers and scientific studies on the transplants were fill of scientific misconduct...so if his career was full of lies, were his patients lied to and was Benita living a lie?

Watch how this not so Cinderella story ends on Investigation Discovery.