An Adorable Baby Throwing His Hands Up in the Air is the Best Thing You’ll See All Day

posted: 04/10/17
by: Amanda Mushro

What's more adorable than a baby wrapped up like a burrito in a swaddle? That big stretch right after you've freed your baby from the swaddling blanket, of course. As most new moms can attest, swaddling your baby is key to getting some sleep when you have a newborn; however, one dad has turned his son's morning stretches into an adorable video.

Boston dad, Kent Siri, started recording his five month old son Kaden's morning wakeup routine of unswaddling, big smiles, and big stretches. When Siri started putting the videos to popular music for friends and family, he never imaged it would quickly become the newest viral video sensation.

Once the video was uploaded, it's become and instant viral hit. In fact, this sweet video has been viewed over 12 million times. That's a lot of stretching and baby giggles.

Here's your daily dose of smiles and probably the best thing you'll see on the internet all day. Enjoy!