Our Favorite Moments from Amy and Dillon: Married One Year

posted: 06/21/17
by: Emily Livermore

Amy Duggar and Dillon King have officially been married for one year! Although both admit that it has been a great year, it has also been a learning process.

Here are a few memories that they shared during their one-hour special on TLC:

Marrying Your Best Friend

Amy and Dillon were best friends for years before Dillon got down on one knee. And while marrying your best friend is one thing, living with them is another. Amy and Dillon learned they would never fully agree on everything--especially when it comes to bacon, loved by Dillon but loathed by Amy! Marriage is about compromise and the two of them have figured it out day by day alongside their beloved cat Winston.

The Fireplace

One of the biggest challenges they took on in their first year was renovating their house by themselves. As the year came to a close they put all their attention into one final project--the fireplace. Amy's 30th birthday was approaching quickly and they wanted to finish it before her party. This project required both of their skill sets: Dillon's building experience and Amy's eye for design.

Ups and Downs

Amidst the renovations, Amy and Dillon realized that being married doesn't mean there won't be the occasional fight. Disagreements about how things should be done put strain on their relationship. But after working through a few rough patches, they realized sometimes all it takes is a minute to step back, get some space, and move forward with an open mind.

Amy Turns 30!

Despite a few obstacles, Amy and Dillon finished the fireplace just in time for Amy's birthday! Dillon pulled out all the stops to make her day extra special. Amy may have known about the party, but she never could have guessed that Dillon would fly in her childhood friend for the weekend. He also ordered cupcakes that had the same filling as their wedding cake and, to top it all off, he gave Amy the cat she always wanted! Amy was definitely spoiled that day, which made entering her 30s not so bad after all.


The last hurrah of the year was to return to Mexico, their honeymoon spot, for an anniversary trip. A week of zip-lining, cave snorkeling, and dinners on the beach was exactly what Amy and Dillon needed to celebrate their first year of marriage. It turned out to be not only a time to reflect, but to look ahead. While Amy may be satisfied with her cats for now, babies just might be in the near future for her and Dillon!

Did you miss the show? Watch Amy & Dillon: Married One Year now on TLC GO!

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