Amber Johnston Talks Back to School Prep

posted: 09/05/17
Johnston Back to School
Amber Johnston

It's that time of the year again! Summer is ending and the kids are heading back to school. We checked in with 7 Little Johnstons mom Amber on how her 5 amazing kids are preparing for the new school year.

"We are finally getting back into the grind of school," Amber said.

"Now that we have a senior and entry level middle schoolers, this year has definitely taken on a new meaning. Our kids are growing up!"

Can you believe three Johnstons are in high school? Jonah's a senior, Anna's a junior, and Elizabeth is in tenth grade.

"It's the when you're not a freshman but you're not an upper-classman either," said Amber of her daughter's experience.

Alex and Emma also both started middle school.

"Honestly, that's harder for me to swallow that Jonah being a senior. No more elementary school days, no more lil' kids. They are pre-teens now, and they love reminding Trent and I of that!"

As far as school prep goes, Amber has the back-to-school shopping down to a science.

"Our preparations for going back to school are a little school shopping. I really do not buy much as far as clothes goes. Personally, I prefer to buy throughout the year when items are on clearance. We typically buy a new pair of tennis shoes. Everyone got a new backpack this year. They were needed! And then of course, school supplies. Now, I buy in serious bulk when it comes to school supplies at the beginning of the year when the items are on sale. Otherwise, if you have to purchase throughout the year, the prices are 3 times as much. We literally create a closet that is nothing but school supplies!"

The Johnstons may be prepared with supplies, but these kids aren't quite ready to let summer go just yet!

"Honestly, they all wish summer could last 10 months and school was for 2 months!"

10-month long summer? Sign us up! From the Jonstons and all of us at TLC, we hope everyone has a great school year!

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