Amazing Fifth Grader Creates Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

posted: 08/04/17
by: Amanda Mushro
GoFundMe/End Hot Car Deaths

He may be on summer break, but 11 year old Bishop Curry is putting his brain to good use. After hearing his neighbor's 6-month-old infant died from being in an overheated car, Curry put his science and engineering skills to work and created a life-saving device that can prevent incidents like this from happening again.

Curry, who lives in McKinney, Texas, calls his design The Oasis and while he just has the porotype now, he and his family are hopeful can turn the device into a reality. The Oasis works by responding to rising temperatures in a car by emitting cool air. It would also use an antenna to signal parents and authorities that the child is in distress. Curry says the Oasis, which is shaped like a small box, will be placed on the backseat headrests of the driver and passenger or to be placed on a car seat.

Curry's parents helped him establish a GoFundMe campaign, which has already raised over $48,000 to help cover the cost of the production of the device. "It made him sad, and at that point, the wheels started turning in his mind," Bishop's father, Bishop Curry IV, told CBS News. "He came up with a way to prevent it from happening."

His father said that Bishop's inventor spirit wanted to create something that could help kids and parents. "When he showed me that sketch I was so proud of him for thinking of a solution," Curry said. "We always just complain about things and rarely offer solutions."

According to his father, several manufacturers have showed interest in the Oasis but says no decisions have been made. The device would still need to undergo rounds of testing and modifications before it's ready to hit stores.

An average of 37 children die each year in hot cars and since 1994, 804 children have died from heat-related illnesses in cars in the U.S. according to safety organization Kids and Cars.

Bishop, who will begin sixth grade in the fall says that when he grows up, he wants to center his career around inventions, including a time machine.