After Losing 150 Pounds, Woman Writes Body-Shaming Thoughts on Skin

posted: 12/03/15
by: Mara Betsch

The dirty little secret about weight loss is that even after losing 20, 50, or even 100+ pounds, there are still plenty of physical and psychological effects you need to deal with. Stephanie Seabrook knows this all too well.

After dropping 150 pounds, she had excess skin that is so commonly the result of losing a large amount of weight. Though she was proud of her weight loss and newfound fitness, she was self-conscious about her skin. And when she began to online date, her problems got worse.

"I would be very upfront about it and tell people in my profile that I lost this amount of weight, and that I work out a lot," she told People.com. "And the first question that the guy would always ask is 'Do you have loose skin? That gross saggy skin?' I always hated my stomach, but I just never thought people would be so against it."

After a friend got skin removal surgery, Seabrook decided to get a consultation of her own. After a few minutes with the doctor, she realized how much the skin had been bother her, and immediately booked her own surgery.

But before she went in for surgery, she had one last thing to do -- let go of all the negative thoughts associated with her excess skin. So she took a permanent marker and wrote all the ugly things she'd thought about herself on her stomach and hips.

"I really wanted to remember who I was before the surgery," she told People.com. "I never really opened up to people about how the skin made me feel. But I wrote it on there and it helped me heal."

The NSFW photo is extremely powerful.

And as the photos illustrate below, Stephanie has had a truly incredible weight loss journey. Way to go!