After Bridal Store Closes and Leaves Brides without a Dress, Women are Donating their Wedding Gowns

posted: 08/04/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is something all brides dream about. So imagine you find "the one" only to learn you cannot have your dress because the store where you purchased your gown closed their doors for good.

This bridal nightmare is a reality for thousands of women after bridal store and dress manufacturer Alfred Angelo abruptly closed their doors this month. Alfred Angelo announced that all stores were closing with no notice to employees or brides after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. More than 60 shops closed their doors so when brides and bridesmaids showed up to try on or pick up gowns, all they found were locked doors. However, thanks to some giving and creative brides that know sharing is caring, the brides left in the lurch by Alfred Angelo are getting their happily ever after on their wedding day.

Using the hashtag #AlfredAngelo, women are offering up their wedding dresses on Twitter and Instagram to help other brides. By listing pictures and sizing info, most women are offering their dresses for free, asking that borrowers only pay the cost of shipping.

I can't imagine what the brides who have weddings this summer must be going through who ordered a dress and can't get it now from #alfredangelo . If you're a Washington DC area #alfredangelobride and couldn't get your dress and are getting married within the next few months and like my dress-- DM me. You can use it for FREE. It's a Watters Wtoo dress.I'm a size 32D/34B cup, 2/4-ish dress size on top, and it would fit anyone without heels at about 5'6'''. I understand all the bridal companies need to make money and have sales to help out right now, but I just feel like I need to offer since it's cleaned/pressed and sitting in my closet while women are frantically searching for another dream dress. I encourage any other women with dresses just sitting in their closets to do the same-- part with it for a WEEKEND to help someone. @kpcc #somethingborrowed #dressmatchmaker #helpalfredangelobride #alfredangelo #bride #weddingday #weddingdress #wedding #weddingday #washingtondc

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Talk about the ultimate something borrowed!

Other women are helping brides that are scrambling to find a dress by sharing info of other wedding dress retailers that are holding special sales or waiving rush delivery fees. For those that don't have dresses to offer but are still looking to help, many in the wedding industry are offering up wedding day makeup, discounts on honeymoon planning, and flower arrangements for the brides.

For the brides whose weddings are just days or weeks away, now they can focus on other wedding details without stressing over their dress.