Adorable Little Boy Blames Batman for Lipstick Mishap

posted: 04/18/16
by: Briana Finelli

It seems that everyone's favorite superhero has been committing crimes instead of stopping them... or, at least, that's how 2-year-old Noel tells it.

The super adorable toddler swears that Batman drew all over his mother's mirror with lipstick, not him, as you'll see in the cute clip below. Laura Hopkins, Noel's mom, asks, "Noel, who drew on mommy's mirror? Was it you?" to which the toddler replies, "It's Batman. Batman did it."

Hopkins posted the super adorable vid with the caption, "If anyone sees Batman can you tell him I'm wanting a word?" We don't know about you, but Noel's argument seems pretty convincing, don't you think?

You can see the original post here.