Adorable Girl Explains Why “Back to School” is Her Favorite Holiday

posted: 08/15/17
by: Kristine Boyd

#LifeHacks: Back To School Lunches

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Life Hacks expert Amanda Mushro dishes on all her tips and tricks for making school year lunches quick and easy.

Young social media star, Mila, explains why she is more than ready for back to school. Her many followers think that her reasonings are all too relatable. Mila honestly admits that she just wants some peace and quiet to relax. With her brothers being home all the time, Mila is used to nerf gun wars, games of hide and seek, and "iPad altercations." She is ready for her and her sister, Emma, to have the house to themselves so they can have some free time. She explains how she is excited for the nerf gun fights to end so that she can watch princess movies all day.

Mila is just a young girl and yet she is already relating to many of her followers. She is ready for days of peace and princess movie marathons. You don't have to be a preschooler to want that!

Source: Kcstauffer