Adele’s Reaction to Beyoncé’s Performance is the Fangirl in All of US

posted: 04/17/18
by: Amanda Mushro

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As Beyonc? rocked her Coachella performance to the delight of her millions of fans, there is one member of the Beyhive that could not contain her Bey-joy--Adele.

The superstar singer who is known for her amazing voice, award winning albums and also for her love of Beyonc? posted videos of her reactions to Beyonc?'s epic performance. Even though Adele was not able to see the performance live, that did not stop her dancing right along with Beyonc? while she was sporting her comfy sweats and t-shirt.

From hair flips, booty shakes, and even a dance with a trumpet, Adele's posts have garnered over 16 million views combined. Adele captioned all of the postings "Beychella," which was the trending hashtag during Beyonc?'s Coachella performance.

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During the 2017 Grammys, Adele shared her love and admiration of Beyonce when she tearfully accepted album of the year by saying she was grateful but she felt Beyonc? deserved the award because "The artist of my life is Beyonc?." Adele later explained why she wanted to share the award with Beyonce, saying, "She is my icon -- for my whole life since I was 11 years old." Adding, "I spoke to her just before, to let her know how honored and privileged I felt to be nominated alongside her, and we spoke afterward and she was very gracious as you would expect from her."

Now that Coachella has wrapped and Beyonc? is making her return to the stage after giving birth to her twins, is it possible we will see a Adele and Beyonc? duet soon? We're not sure who would be more excited, Adele or us!

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