Adele Stopping Mid-Performance: How to Turn This Into a Teachable Moment for Your Kids

posted: 02/15/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Usually as parents, we don't want our children imitating celebrities. After all, there seems to be a daily occurrence of questionable behavior by some celebs. However, here's one times we actually want our kids to look up to a celebrity, Adele's recent Grammy performance.

As any fan will tell you, Adele's amazing voice brings down the house and has led to 15 Grammy awards as well as multiple appearances on the Grammy performance stage. But her misstep and recovery during her latest Grammy performance is one that you and your kids should watch together. While we are used to her nailing every single note, her latest performance was not its usual perfection--and that's OK.

When her performance honoring the late George Michael went awry, fans were shocked to hear the Grammy winning songstress stop mid-performance and ask the musicians to start over.

While parents could probably do without Adele's choice words that had to be censored on TV, her willingness to realize she wasn't performing at her best and that she would regret not trying again, allowed her to graciously stop, apologize, and start her performance again. After starting the song over, she nailed it.

So why not take the time to watch Adele's performance with your kids and start a conversation about how we all make mistakes, but it's how you handle those mistakes that helps us grow, be successful, and builds character. It's a perfect conversation starter to talk about your kids school work or their performance in sports or an after school activity.

Instead having a diva moment, Adele collected herself and tried again to show why she is such a superstar. If Adele can admit her mistakes on live TV and work to do better, then we can too.

And who knows, maybe you'll even win a few extra cool points with your kids by knowing what's going on during the Grammys. Just don't try to singing along, leave that up to Adele.