Add Pancake Tacos to Your Breakfast (and Lunch, and Dinner) Meal Plan

posted: 09/01/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Pancake tacos may be the next big breakfast trend, with their tasty blend of sweet and savory fillings and endless room for custom variations. Start with a pancake (homemade, leftover, or packaged), and fold it in half to create a taco shell shape; then fill with a fried egg and bacon (like A Cookie Named Desire), scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese, egg whites with avocado and spinach, or any other combination of ingredients you have in the fridge for a balanced meal you can eat with one hand.

If you're not into mixing eggs and pancakes, fill your "paco" with Greek yogurt, berries, and honey or bananas, Nutella, and almonds.

A batch of mini pancakes turns this recipe into a pretty brunch appetizer, while larger ones filled with breakfast leftovers -- or peanut butter and jelly -- are a simple after-school snack. Try a huevos rancheros version for dinner and, for dessert, fill them with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of chocolate. Who knew the pancake was so versatile?

And of course don't forget the classic happy face pancake!