Adam Busby has the Cutest Daddy-Daughter Workout

posted: 07/07/17
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Adam Busby’s Daddy-Daughter Workout

With 6 daughters, OutDaughtered's Adam Busby works hard to balance spending time with his girls and keeping up with his passion for fitness. This adorable daddy-daughter workout let's him do both! Check out his go-to workouts with special helper Riley! Then, try them out yourself with Adam's recommended 2 rounds of 15 reps per exercise!

Squats Adam
Adam begins with baby squats, using Riley as a weight for extra resistance. If you don't have an adorable baby handy and up for the challenge, you can use a weight or just do the squat on its own! Looking for a little more challenge? Try raising your weight at the top for an added arm workout!
Calf Raises
The next exercise doubles as a great workout and stretch! Calf raises can be done on flat ground or on a small ledge or step as Adam is doing here. Simply go from your flat feet to your tiptoes slowly. You can hold your baby, a weight, or nothing and just target those calves!
Walking Lunges Adam
Adam's next go-to workout is walking lunges! These target the whole body, especially glutes. Grab your baby or a weight to kick up the intensity in your arms and obliques as well!
Push Press Adam
Finally, Adam has some fun with Riley while doing push presses. These not only are great for your arms, but have an added benefit of a great snuggle with each rep!

Catch up with Adam and the whole Busby clan before the season premiere Tuesday at 9/8c with full episodes on TLC GO!
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