Activities to Do On Thanksgiving Day

posted: 11/16/16
by: TLCme
Portrait of a young woman in a park with arms outstretched. She throwing leaves in the air.

Thanksgiving is here, and it's time to give thanks for friends family and quality time. Here are some activities to do while you wait for the turkey to be done. And don't forget to offer help in the kitchen, but of course sometimes the most helpful thing is to say out!

1. Turkey Trot -- Before eating all that turkey it's nice to get outside and prep your body for the mass amount of food it's about to consume. A short light jog with friends and/or family is a great way to start the day.
2. Turkey Bowl -- Let's be honest, watching football can get boring -- but playing it, a friendly game of course, is always fun. This is a great way to complete number 3 as well!
3. See Old Friends -- A lot of people come home for the holidays, come people you're not too excited to see and others you cannot wait to see. There is nothing better than re-connecting with the friends you grew up with and swapping stories realizing perhaps you're older, but some things never change.
4. Don't Talk About Politics -- I think this goes without saying, but if you need some pivot conversations here are some examples: "Lovely weather we're having," "Grandma makes the best apple pie," "I love your new haircut," "have you been working out?"
5. Take Instagrams of the Leaves -- If number 4 happens, this is a great reason to get outside, fresh air is good for the soul and a great way to de-stress.
6. Watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- An honored tradition, naming your favorite floats, waiting for Santa at the end.
7. Binge Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies -- All of the classics are always playing on Thanksgiving Day as an escape from football. Some examples include it's a Wonderful Life, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Holiday (ok I know it's cheezy, but come on), Love Actually, A Christmas Story, I'll Be Home For Christmas ( for everyone still holding onto hope that JTT will make a come back).
8. Eat A Ton of Food: I mean, it's Thanksgiving.
9. Give Thanks: Family, friends, good times, food and love -- and also thankful for leggings and oversized sweaters.