A Woman Updated Her Tattoo To Reflect Her Transgender Son

posted: 12/15/15
by: TLCme
steve peace and family
Steve Peace Tattoos

Tattoo artist Steve Peace tattooed images of each of his three children on his wife Lindsay. As their kids Ace, Hamish, and Elliot grew, the tattoos were a sweet reminder of the three of them when they were little.

As Ace grew, though, he came out as transgender. Now 15, Ace identifies as male. And the picture that Lindsay had on her arm of Ace in a pink dress and pigtails no longer seemed appropriate. But rather than lasering off the image, Steve decided to rework the young girl into a young boy.

"We just winged it," Steve told the Huffington Post. "Luckily it worked."

And what did Ace think of the updated tattoo? "He loved it. Every step we have in this journey of ours he just gets happier and happier."

The tattoo modification is just another way for the Peaces to show their support. "You have to support your kids," said Steve. "I mean, it's tough when you hear that as a parent, but you have to be strong for your kids. You have to come to terms with it yourself, on your own time, and just have to offer 100 percent support."