A Three-Year-Old Uses Facetime to Save Her Dad’s Life

posted: 07/25/18
by: Amanda Mushro

Three-year-old Molly McCabe doesn't just dress like a superhero--she is a hero.

While Molly was in her Winchester, VA home with her father Trevor, she noticed that something was wrong with her dad. He had fallen to the floor was unresponsive. So the little girl jumped into action and used her father's phone to Facetime her mom, who was at work.

"Once I answered, I knew something was horribly wrong," she tells CBS News. "It was my 3-year-old sobbing crying, and she was just saying, 'Daddy, Daddy. Look at Daddy, something happen to Daddy.'" That's when Molly then turned the phone around to her father, who was sprawled out on the floor of their living room, unable to speak or move.

Molly's quick thinking helped save her dad, who was suffering from a massive stroke. In a Facebook post, Devon wrote "Although 85% of those who have this type of stroke do not survive, we were fortunate that many miracles occurred yesterday that got him treated quickly. The biggest miracle was our 3 yr old daughter, Molly."

Because of Molly call, her mom was able to quickly called 911 so Trevor could get medical attention. Here's where the story gets even more incredible, neither of Molly's parents knew that she was able to use Facetime. She can't read yet and there wasn't a picture of her mom on the phone when she called her mom.

"She knew which one to pick that called me. She recognized the letters that make up my name in my husband's phone," Devon said in her post. "She didn't call anyone else that day, it's not like she accidentally called me. And I wasn't the most recent call so it wasn't like she just picked my name off the top. So I think she just remembered that when daddy calls mommy, this is what the letters look like."

Trevor is on the path to recovery and Molly is a hero to her family and to us too.