A Stranger Approaches a Mother in a Cafe and His Comment Makes Her Cry

posted: 04/07/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

This mom was used to being stared at when with her daughter, but on this day something a little different happened.

Pam De Almeida, who runs the Facebook page "Slice of Life," was out with her daughter at a cafe when she was approached by a couple. She initially thought they wanted a "closer look" at her 18-month-old daughter Sophia who has Down syndrome, but the man made a comment that led De Almeida to break down into tears.

De Almeida said she "wasn't expecting" what came next.

"He told me that he had watched the news last night," the mother wrote on the Slice of Life Facebook page. "There was an interview of a mother who had recently given birth to a child with a major disability. She was on the news defending her decision to keep her baby. She was defending her choice NOT to terminate despite her doctors encouraging her to do so."

The man, who had tears in his eyes according to the Facebook post, continued.

"He said, 'The point is, you never know a persons impact on the world. You can never know what a person is able to do unless you give them a chance," De Almeida recounted.

Along with this post was a photo of Sophia laughing in her seat. Not pictured is Sophia's mother, who "immediately started to cry" in the middle of the coffee shop, according to the post.

"In a world where my daughter's life is whispered about, where she is stared at, this man saw her IMPORTANCE."

What an amazing encounter.