A Single Woman’s Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day

posted: 02/10/17
by: Katie Morton
Girl with heart balloon

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care. Use the holiday to celebrate and embrace love in its many forms. Spread the love to your friends, family, and even yourself. You may be surprised at how much the act of doing something kind for someone else will make your own heart swell. Here's how to maximize your joy this February 14th, no Cupid required.

1. Send Love to Loved Ones

Just because you're not one half of a "we" doesn't mean you can't celebrate this Valentine's Day. Think of someone you care deeply for--perhaps your parents, grandparents, a sibling, or a best friend--and share the love with them.

You can send a bouquet of flowers with a sweet note to brighten their day. Or, you can go the sentimental route, making a photo book of happy memories together. Check out Shutterfly for easy, DIY photo book options.

An added bonus is that these acts of kindness will not only brighten up your loved one's day, it'll also end up boosting your mood and sense of well-being.

2. Indulge Yourself

You don't need a romantic partner to make yourself feel fabulous. Why not treat yourself to a spa day? Indulge in a mani or pedi. If you have the funds, make it a whole day of luxury with massages and facials. If your hair is overdue for some attention, book a day at the salon for an updated cut or some color. Making an effort to pamper yourself and relax will help you feel amazing.

3. Tickle Your Funny Bone

Studies show that laughter improves your mood and reduces stress. Invite your girlfriends over for a comedy movie marathon. If you're game for going out, check out the latest funny flick at your local theatre or check out a live comedy show. It's nearly impossible to feel down when you're laughing out loud!

4. Love Your Kids

Make Valentine's Day a special evening for your little ones. Put on your pajamas and prepare a love-themed dinner at home with your kids. You can make your own heart-shaped pizza or order ones from certain national pizza chains. Bake a decadent dessert and create heart-shaped crafts together. Cap the evening off by telling each family member what you love about them before bed.

5. Have a Secret Cupid Exchange

Host a Secret Valentine gift exchange party at your home. Just like a Secret Santa gift exchange, the idea is for each person to pick a name out of a hat and then buy a small gift for that person. Savory appetizers and bubbly cocktails are all you need to make this event a smash.

6. Play Hooky and Do Something Completely New

Schedule a personal day and spend the day doing something you've always wanted to try. Hit the ski slopes, try out a dance class, or visit a cooking studio to learn how to make an amazing meal. Think outside the box and schedule something that you'll look forward to.

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love and kindness. Remind yourself that even if you're not in a romantic relationship, you're still surrounded by friends and family to share the love with.