A Real TBT: The Latest Prom Trends—Wearing Mom’s Prom Dress

posted: 05/18/17
by: Amanda Mushro

It's officially prom season and girls across the country are pouring into dress stores and boutiques to find the one dress that will make them feel absolutely magical on prom night. But some girls are ditching the latest prom dress trends for the most perfect hand-me-down dresses--their mom's prom dresses.

For Ally Johnson, an 18-year-old from Hillard, OH, the perfect prom dress was the one that originally belonged to her mom, who rocked the dress at her 1995 prom. Ally wore her mom's dress and says she hopes her future daughter will do the same. She tweeted "Proud to wear my mom's prom dress 22 years later!"

"I tried it on and it fit perfectly," she told TODAY. "It didn't need any alterations. I just loved it from the second I tried it on."

But Ally isn't the only young lady jumping on the throwback prom dress trend. Social media has exploded with girls modeling their prom dresses once donned by their moms and we are loving this trend. What is old is new again!

"My little sister decided to wear my mom's prom dress for her prom this year and it's making me so emotional," Troy Young wrote on Twitter.

Prom TBT 1
Facebook/Bev Tippett

"First worn in 1962 - last worn in 2013. Mother, two daughters and one granddaughter," Bev Tippett wrote on Facebook.

Prom TBT 2
Facebook/Maya Rosenberg

"It's like 1989 is like, super in right now," Maya Rosenberg wrote on Facebook.


Prom tbt 3
Facebook/Bekah Hancox

"Wore the dress my mum made when she was 17. In 1987. And wore it to my senior ball last weekend," Bekah Hancox wrote on Facebook.