A Photo of This 3-Year-Old and Her Stick Makes Twitter Lose Its Mind

posted: 04/20/17
by: MIkayla Baiocchi

Jordyn found something that she thought was so cool she told her mom she wanted to show it to everybody.

What was this super awesome item? A stick of course.

"She wanted to show everybody her stick," wrote Jordyn's mother Vae on Twitter. "So everybody, here is her stick." But, along with the global announcement came four photos of the 3-year-old working it with her newfound treasure.

And by the word "stick," we literally mean a stick one might find in the woods. Nonetheless, it seems as though not even a piece of gold could make Jordyn happier, as evidenced by her facial expressions in the Twitter photoshoot.

If the adorable photos of the tot posing with her stick aren't enough to make you crack a smile, maybe the reactions from other Twitter users will. Here are some of our favorites.