A New Study Explains Why Your Teen’s Room is So Stinky

posted: 01/25/17
by: Amanda Mushro
A young woman lies on the floor of her messy room and contemplates cleaning it.  Converted from RAW file with 16 bit processing.Click below for more images of this model:

If you've ever walked past your teenager's bedroom and cringed because the smell is so bad, you may ask yourself "How can they NOT smell this?" Turns out, they really can't! A new study says you are the only one bothered by the smell.

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark conducted a study with over 400 people with ages that ranged from teens to 50 years olds. The study found that teens can't detect common odors like sweat, cigarette smoke, and soap. Maybe that explains why all those smelly gym clothes piled up in their room and their book bags really doesn't bother them!

While they are missing the odors that make their rooms so stinky, a teen does have a powerful nose when it comes to ketchup and sweets like cotton candy, cookies, and marshmallows. So maybe you just need to hide junk food under all those stinky piles to get them to pick up their room!

According to researchers, the age divide seems to disaster with smells like gasoline, fish, and coffee because these strong smells can be detected by people of every age.

So the next time you get a whiff of a stinky teenager, maybe cut them some slack. And then shut their bedroom door very quickly.