A Look Back at Audrey Roloff’s Pregnancy

posted: 08/11/17
by: Emily Livermore

Audrey Roloff is entering the final weeks of her pregnancy and we are so excited for her and Jeremy. The last 37 weeks have not come without a fair share of challenges, but the amazing couple has stayed positive through it all. Here's a look back at Audrey's pregnancy journey.

Back in February, Jeremy and Audrey made their exciting announcement! The happy couple celebrated the fact that their lives were about to change big time! The Roloff family would be getting a new member soon enough.

About 15 weeks in and Audrey started to show. The baby bump made an official appearance! Time to change up the wardrobe to accommodate the little miracle. It's not long after this that she would start having some interesting cravings.

Baby girl you are already so loved, and you will ALWAYS be loved MORE and MORE?#alwaysmore Pregnancy is a miracle. Sometimes I wonder... how could I possibly be growing a tiny human inside of me? I often feel inadequate, not ready, overwhelmed, worried about if my body is doing the right things and if I'm making the right choices throughout this pregnancy that will grow and protect this little life. The "what if's" begin to permeate my brain and make me feel less than... Have you l been there?! I was recently reading a devotional that I receive via e mail, and I was struck by these words: "I tell you honestly that it is not your ability that matters; it's the strength of your faith in My ability to do what you cannot. You must stop relying on your own efforts and common sense and begin to rely on Me..."(Bill Burns) Woah... This encouraged me so stinkin much. It's not my ability that matters, it's my faith in God's ability to do immeasurably MORE than I ever could. That's what matters. Are you assessing your energy and ability levels agaisnt the challenges ahead of you, or are you putting your faith in a God who always able?

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In April, Jeremy and Audrey hosted a gender reveal party where they told all their friends and family that IT'S A GIRL! It was a perfect day at the family farm to share the news.

In May, Jeremy and Audrey became homeowners! As tough as it was to find the perfect house, once they did a lot of renovating and officially moved in, things began falling into place. They felt confident they had a home where they could raise their baby girl.

At the 30-week mark, Audrey had a gorgeous maternity photo shoot at magic hour. Check out all of the incredible photos from the shoot here.

Now they are just weeks away from welcoming their daughter into the world. Knowing that there is a chance she could come early, Jeremy and Audrey are already preparing their hospital bags along with any little details they might need if Audrey starts going into labor. Seems like not long ago that Zach and Tori were packing their own hospital bags and preparing for Baby Jackson's arrival!

We are so excited for Jeremy and Audrey as they enter a brand-new phase of life together. It's just a matter of time before the world has another Roloff! Catch up with the whole family by streaming your favorite episodes of Little People Big World NOW on TLC GO.