A Florida Restaurant Bans Kids Because Parents Aren’t Doing Their Job

posted: 11/15/17
by: Amanda Mushro


As a mom of two, I can appreciate dinner at a restaurant without my children--or anyone's children. But imagine the surprise if you take your family out to grab some pizza but you find a sign on the restaurant door that says "No Children Allowed." That's exactly what happened at one Florida restaurant that has banned parents from bringing their children. However, it has nothing to do with adults dining without having to cut up their kid's food. The restaurant says bad parenting choices are to blame, but patrons of the restaurant are divided on the decision.

Hampton Station is a popular pub located in Tampa, Florida, and until recently, adults and children have frequented this restaurant. Now there is a sign written in capital letters on the front door that makes it clear--this is not a place for kids.

However, the owner says it was a decision made based on a few close calls that could have ended very badly. "It's basically about children's safety. We're a small local place and I couldn't stand to have someone get hurt, especially a kid, on our watch," Hampton Station owner Troy Taylor told The TODAY Show. "And we really don't have the staff to monitor that kind of stuff."

The restaurant is located on a busy street and has an unprotected patio with access to the road. That means if parents aren't closely watching their kids, someone could get hurt. Taylor says mixing adults drinking alcohol around their children and the busy street was the reason they have banned children.

When word began to circulate that children would no longer be welcomed at Hampton Station, a debate among locals began, especially on social media. A Facebook group, Tampa Bay Moms Group, posted the sign and explained Hampton Station is a bar that focuses on craft beers and while they serve pizza, their main clientele are adults over the age of 21. But when word began to circulate that the decision came after children not being supervised, parents became outraged on both sides.

Some felt the decision was ridiculous and said Hampton Station has always marketed themselves as family friendly. However, others agreed with the decision stating the owner has every right to ban children, and there are plenty of other restaurant choices for families to choose from any night of the week.

Taylor says he understands the controversy but says he is sticking to his decision. So if you live in Tampa and want a night free of kids--now you know where to go.