A Controversial Guacamole Recipe and Other Food Fight-Starting Dishes

posted: 07/06/15
by: Courtney Reimer

It was the dip recipe heard 'round the world. When the New York Times tweeted a recipe that uses peas to supplement avocados in guacamole, the internet went into a tizzy -- and the President of The United States even weighed in.

But this interesting reinvention of the guacamole wheel isn't the first food to start debates at the dinner tables of America. Here's a list of some of the more standout "food rules" that people feel quite strongly about. Did we miss one? Tell us!

Guacamole with Peas: The guac-with-peas part almost makes sense (at least they're both green!), but what's with the random sunflower seeds?

Ketchup on a Hot Dog:
People who serious about sausage swear that mustard is the only condiment that should be allowed near a dog. Ketchup connoisseurs say their favorite thing only makes everything better. Who's right?


Sushi with Wasabi: Sushi purists say that Americans have gone a little too far with the wasabi, that it can sometimes take away from the delicate taste of the raw-fish-and-rice combo. I say wasabi is often the best, most sinus-clearing thing about a sushi dinner.


Nuts in Cookies: You say "nuts add such great texture to cookies!" I say "Why ruin an otherwise perfect chocolate delivery system with an extraneous item?"


Fruit on Pizza: Clearly the first person to put pineapple on pizza was a creative thinker (to put it mildly), but the popularity of "Hawaiian Pizza" suggests they were onto something (if not just "on something").