A Complete List of TLCme’s Fourth of July Lifehacks

posted: 07/01/16
by: Amanda Mushro
picture of amanda mushro fourth of july

Make any dip festive for a 4th of July BBQ by adding a few drops of red and blue food coloring to bread crumbs. Use a star cookie cutter to create shapes on top of the dip--stars, fireworks, or even a flag. Delicious and festive!

Create a red, white, and blue layered drink that looks impressive but is super simple to make. You'll need juices and sport drinks with different levels of sugar content, so check the labels. Fill the bottom of the glass with the drink that has the highest sugar content--we started with red. Then fill the glass with ice and pour the white drink--the second highest sugar content--and finish with the blue--which has the least sugar. Be sure to pour the drinks over the ice and not directly on top of the other layers.

Fireworks can make dogs nervous and anxious, but you can help them by taking them on an extra-long run or walk during the day so they're tired at night and creating a comfortable space for them to relax. Leave comfy blankets and pillows and a shirt your pajamas behind so they have your scent even if you're gone. Before you leave to watch fireworks, turn on all the TVs in your home and turn the volume up louder than you would normally have it. The noise from the TVs will become a white noise that helps block out the sounds from the fireworks.

While you're decorating, don't forget your yard! Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out a star pattern. Use glow-in-the-dark spray paint--found at any craft store--to create temporary stars in your yard. The stars will be a fun decorative touch during the day and will become extra lighting at night when you're watching fireworks.

Make a firecracker cupcake in a just few minutes with marshmallows, red melting chocolate, and string candy. Roll the marshmallows in the red chocolate and allow the marshmallows to dry for a few minutes. Put a small piece of the string candy into the marshmallow to look like a fuse and put the marshmallow on top of a cupcake. Easy and so cute.

If you're bringing out sparklers this 4th of July, you need this hack. Poke a hole into the bottom of a plastic cup and put the stem of a sparkler through the hole. Put your hand inside the cup and hold onto the stem. Now you can use the sparkler but your fingers won't get singed.


We hope you have a fabulous and festive 4th of July!