’90 Day Fiance’s’ Danny & Amy Remind Us Why We’re Thankful For Babies

posted: 11/27/15
by: Rebecca Goldberg

Meet Danny and Amy

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Danny is from Pennsylvania and Amy is from South Africa; they met in Australia while they were studying abroad. Their cultures are drastically different, so even though they're deeply in love, they both have concerns about making things work.

It's that time of year when we reflect on all that we're so thankful for. And what more perfectly reminds us of the greatness of the simple things in life than babies? '90 Day Fiance's' Danny and Amy celebrated their first Thanksgiving with baby Jedidiah, and these adorable photos of him have us reflecting on the many reasons we're thankful for babies.

Their joy is infectious.

They keep us laughing!

So maybe dad's the favourite ? #dannywins #bestfriends @dfrishmuth

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They are the perfect cuddle buddies.

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They keep us appreciative of all of life's milestones.

Finally rolling... Even he was surprised. #jedidiahjohn #rolling #4months

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One look at them and we're reminded just how small our problems are.

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They make the best facial expressions!

They make each and every day feel like a holiday.

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They make us stop and just take a moment; something we don't do nearly enough.

And there you have it, your daily dose of adorable! ;)