90 Day Fiance Returns In 2018

posted: 01/29/18
by: TLCme

This is the best news you've heard all year! All of your favorite 90 Day Fiance series return in 2018. What does that mean?

The original that started it all, 90 Day Fiance is back.

In 2018 you'll meet brand-new couples who take a chance on love and bring their potential spouses-to-be stateside. Using a special K-1 visa, the couples are required to get married at the end of only 90 days--or be forced to return to their home countries.

Fans were shocked last year when Molly and Luis's relationship fell apart in front of them, and rooted for Andrei and Elizabeth to wed despite her family's objections. David and Annie struggled to make ends meet stateside, while Josh and Aika fought about starting a family. Evelyn's fiance David had trouble acclimating to her hometown in New Hampshire, and Nicole brought her own daughter May to Morocco to be with Azan as a family. Watch the 90 Day Fiance reunion to see where their stories ended!

What else can you look forward to?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After
They gave up everything for a shot at love and the American dream! Having navigated through the K-1 "fiance visa" process, the couples are now married, but quickly realize that the honeymoon is over as real-life sets in.

Last year was a crazy ride! We saw Chantel and Pedro's families clash (chicken feet anyone?) while it looked like Anfisa and Jorge ended their relationship once and for all. Danielle and Mohamed's divorce was finally official, and Loren came clean to Alexei about secrets she'd been keeping. Finally, we followed Russ and Paola to Miami to make her modeling dreams come true!

Who will we catch up with this year? You'll have to wait and see.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days
Follow the stories of Americans who believe they've met the love of their lives through international dating websites and apps. Their journey begins before the K-1 Visa process--from meeting in person for the first time to visiting a foreign country they barely know or understand.

Last year was full of drama. From Paul and Karine's scary mugging in Brazil to Darcey and Jesse's not-engagement proposal, there was never a dull moment. Sean confronted Abby's ex Chris, Larry refused to eat a pig, while Americans Cortney and Patrick experienced major relationship hurdles while abroad.

You'll have to wait and see who you'll meet in 2018!

90 Day Fiance What Now

This digital series delves into the lives of 90 Day Fiance couples we haven't seen since "I Do." Last year was busy, with Melanie & Devar AND Alan & Kirylam sharing their pregnancy announcements. We also caught up with Matt & Alla, Narkyia & Lowo, and Josh & Aleksandra.

Stay tuned to find out who we'll catch up with next!

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