9 Refreshing Boozy Popsicles to Beat the Summer Heat

posted: 07/18/17
by: Amanda Mushro

As the summer heats up, you might think about starting happy hour a little earlier every day. But instead of mixing up a summertime cocktail, make a few boozy popsicles for when happy hour rolls around. These adult-only pops take your favorite cocktails and fresh fruit and turns them into a frosted version. So skip the glass and the straw and enjoy these boozy popsicles all summer long.

Raspberry Lime Popsicles
Jerry James Stone

If sangria is your summertime drink of choice, whip up a batch of these raspberry lime sangria popsicles for the perfect boozy frozen treat.

Popsicle Mimosas
Ready to Yumble

The best part of any brunch are the mimosas, and a summer brunch calls for popsicles mimosas. Enjoy your bubbly popsicle alone or in a glass of champagne.

Pina Pops
Pinch and Swirl

If you want your boozy treat to be short and sweet, try mini pina colada popsicles. Mix up your own pina colda base with coconut milk or use a premade mixture. Just don't forget the rum!

Vodka Lemonade Pops
My Crazy Good Life

Lemonade is perfect on a hot summer day. So if you mix in vodka and freeze in a plastic bag, you've got a frozen vodka and lemonade popsicle that can go wherever you go.

Peach Pops
The Beach House Kitchen

Put your bourbon on the rocks with a batch of bourbon and white peach popsicles. With just four ingredients, this popsicle makes for the perfect happy hour.

Strawberry mojito pops
Parents Stitch Blog

With a fresh lime, mint, strawberry lemonade and rum, you can create strawberry mojito popsicles. So even if you are just sitting on your deck, you can feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

Raspberry Fizz Popsicle
No Spoon Necessary

If you are throwing a cocktail party, you'll want to make this popsicle your signature drink. Fresh raspberry mixed with gin and tonic creates a frozen and fresh raspberry gin fizz popsicle that your guests will love.

Moscow Mule Pop
Holley Grainger

Moscow mules are the trendiest drink of summer. So make this frozen version of a Moscow mule popsicle. Give these pops some extra time to freeze since you'll be adding ginger beer and vodka.

Blue Moon Pops
Host the Toast

If your favorite summer beer is always served with a slice of orange, create a boozy creamsicle that mixes beer, orange juice and a clementines for a creamy and fresh boozy pop.