9 Egg-cellent Easter Decorating Ideas

posted: 03/22/16
by: Katie Morton
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    Fresh Ideas for This Easter Staple

    Easter’s almost here! Almost time for that time-honored tradition of dyeing eggs with rainbow hues. What if you want to kick it up a notch this year? With just a few simple craft materials and a dash of creative inspiration, your humble Easter eggs can become Pinterest-worthy projects.

    Personalized Eggs

    No need to throw elbows at the annual family egg hunt when each person’s egg is personalized. Add names to eggs with rub-on letters from the craft store for that personalized twist.

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    The Golden Egg

    Legend has it there’s a goose who lays golden eggs. Include a gilded egg (or gold leaf egg) in your hunt—first person to find it wins a special prize. Older kids will go wild for a crisp $10 bill, while the younger ones would love a special small toy.

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    Eggs or Art?

    Hand-painted Easter eggs in metallic tones elevate the humble oeuvre to art worthy of the Louvre. Display around your home for beautiful accents (use faux eggs if you plan to leave the eggs unrefrigerated) or arrange in a simple glass dish for your Easter centerpiece.

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    Buffett Table Arrangement

    This brightly-colored egg crate, filled with flowers, dyed eggs, and trinkets is pure, whimsical fun.

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    Tiny Egg Vases

    Easter eggs are the perfect size to hold tiny succulents or blooms. Use these tiny vases as display pieces for your small plants.

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    Wreath Worthy

    Add a breath of fresh spring air to the front door with this charming wreath. All you need are some faux eggs, wire, ribbon, and a dash of creativity to make one of your own.

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    Elegant Tablescape

    A tisket, a tasket, eggs in a basket. This tablescape is simple, elegant and serene, perfect for the “grown-up table” for your Easter feast.

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    The only limit to how you decorate your Easter eggs is your own creativity. Use these stunning Easter egg ideas to enhance “The Bunny” basket for the kids or to elegantly decorate your own home with seasonal accents.

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    Under the Sea

    Take the creative animal theme one step further and make vibrant aquarium eggs. Feathers, felt, and blue dye create this too cute to crack, finned friend.

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    Throw Open the Barn Doors

    Who says chickens and bunnies have to get all the fun? Simple stickers and button noses create cuddly pink piglets. Or use black-and-white hues to create cow-themed eggs.