9 Dazzling Gingerbread Houses (and 1 Terrific Recipe)

posted: 12/09/15
by: Courtney Reimer

Gingerbread Cupcakes

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Gingerbread is the perfect holiday treat! Katherine and Sophie share Georgetown Cupcake's special gingerbread cupcake and cinnamon cream cheese frosting recipes.

1. Gingerbread Family Home. This is one even the least experienced gingerbread construction crew could pull off -- all you need are the usual house shapes, ingredients and a few standard holiday cookie cutters.

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2. The Turtle House. We don't advise attempting to replicate this without the help of a professional, but it's a good eye candy and should help get the creative gingerbread juices flowing.

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3. Creative Candy Embellishments. We love how this gingerbread housemaker used licorice for siding (and pretzel sticks for a little firewood bundle).

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4. Elsa's Chalet. What better place to look for inspiration than a chilly movie about a queen who basically covers everything with icing? And we love that this one matches the color of her signature gown.

5. Godzilla's Lunch. This one gets points for thinking way outside the gingerbread box in terms of shape and concept.

6. A White Christmas House. We certainly have nothing against using colorful candies all over your house, but there's something to be said for the simplicity of this monochromatic beauty.

7. New York Brownstone. Another one that wins points for thinking outside the traditional peaked-roof box, this one probably took a dozen hours to complete. But if you wanted to cheat, we bet you could achieve a similar effect using graham crackers.

8. Interior Decorating. While it's typically all about what's on the outside of the gingerbread house, what a fun surprise this one has waiting inside.

9. Well Lit. Why didn't we think of this? Putting a few votive candles outside your creation makes it a nighttime, twinkling wonder.

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