8 Ways to Change Up The Wine in Your Glass For National Wine Day

posted: 05/25/17
by: Amanda Mushro

It's National Wine Day, and if you are already popping the cork on your favorite bottle of merlot or pinot grigio to celebrate this wine-infused day, you've come to the right place. We are giving our favorite wines a wino spin and turning them into candy, slushies, and even brownies. So instead of just filling up your wine glass, here's how to fill your plate and cocktail glasses with wine treats.

Wine gummy bears
Stay Snatched

If you love gummy bears, you'll love these wine spiked gummy bears. Now you'll never want to throw a cocktail party without these sweet treats.

Peach Wine Slushie
Dessert for Two

When the weather heats up, you'll want a cool and refreshing cocktail to celebrate summer. If you love peaches, then you have to try these peach wine slushies.

Red Wine Brownies
Mountain View Vineyard

For National Wine Day, let's combine two of my favorite things--red wine and chocolate--to make decadent red wine brownies.

Red Wine Frozen Grapes
Julie Blanner

If you've invited a few friends over to share a bottle of wine, you'll want to make these frozen grapes that are marinated in wine. They will keep your white wine cool and are the perfect paring for your red wine.

Red Wine Popsicles
Baking Mischief

Don't worry, these aren't your kid's popsicles. These red wine popsicles are the perfect adult after-dinner treat.

wine milkshake
certified pastry aficionado

How about a wine milkshake? Yes, a two ingredient wine milkshake. Someone pass me the blender and the wine!

White Wine Fondue
The Cookie Rookie

If mixing wine with something savory is your jam, you'll love this white wine fondue. Just grab the bread and veggies for dipping.

White Wine Marg
Tammilee Tips

If you love wine and margaritas, try combining them into a white wine margaritas. This delicious combo is perfect for summer.