8 Steps to a Successful Garage Sale

posted: 04/12/16
by: Amanda Mushro
yard sale garage sale

If you're thinking of having a garage sale to make a little money and get rid of the clutter in your house, you're going to need to do a little planning. Sure, it would be pretty awesome if you could toss your things into the garage and watch people throw cash your way as they unload all of your unwanted goodies. Unfortunately, that's not how it works.

But making just a few simple changes to your garage sale setup can make a big difference in the amount of money you make and how quickly you sell items. Before you hang up one garage sale sign in your neighborhood, check out these 8 tips.

Step 1: Make a few ads

While you're advertising with signs and posters in your area, don't forget Facebook neighborhood groups and sites likes Craigslist. Don't just say "I'm having a garage sale this weekend," in each post. You'll get more attention if you put up pictures of what you are selling. Put pictures of your big ticket items like collectible, furniture, and any baby items.

Step 2: Make it a set

If you have sets of dishware or glasses, make sure shoppers know you are selling them as a set by taping each dish, bowl, or glass together. Painter's tape or masking tape works perfectly for this. Selling these items as a set makes sure you'll get rid of more items and not be left with a random cup or bowl.

Step 3: Make a group

Baby clothes are always a great item to unload at garage sales, but don't just toss them in a box or on a table and hope people will sort through everything. Separate clothes by gender and size and clearly mark each group with a sign. Be sure to space the groupings of clothes out on a table so they don't get mixed up. The more organized and clearly marked they are, the more likely they will sell.

Step 4: Make a few bags

Rather than selling every single item separately, try placing smaller items, like kids' toys, small home d?cor, and random kitchen gadgets, into a bag and putting the whole bag up for sale for a few dollars. As each bag sells, that means more money for you and less stuff to deal with after the sale.

Step 5: Make me an offer

Put your big ticket items towards the front of your yard to draw in more shoppers. While you should price almost everything, label some of the bigger pieces of furniture and antiques with "make me an offer" tag instead of listing the price. You might get offers that were higher than what you were hoping to get!

Step 6: Make pricing easy

When it comes to all of your other items, you should individually price each so that you don't have to answer "How much is this?" a million times during your sale. Make the pricing easier by using colored stickers. Place the stickers on the items that you're selling and hang up several posters that explain what the price is for each sticker. This way shoppers can refer to the posters for the prices and you'll save yourself a lot of time.

Step 7: Make it a sale

During the last few hours of your garage sale, sell everything for half off. If your goal is to get rid of your unwanted items and make a little money, here's your last shot! If you are having a hard time parting with an item, put it to the side before the half-off sale starts.

Step 8: Make it a donation

Before your garage sale starts, contact a local charity and setup a donation pick up immediately after your garage sale ends. Whatever doesn't sell, you can donate. You can get a tax write-off for the donation and you don't have to figure out what to do with the stuff you already wanted get rid of.