8 Reasons the New Season of Kate Plus 8 Will Have You Falling In Love with the Gosselins All Over Again

posted: 10/31/16
by: TLCme

Big Changes Coming Up on Kate Plus 8

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The new season begins with a look back over the years with never-before seen footage and new interviews with the family.

Kate Plus 8 returns Tuesday, November 22 at 10/9c!

1) Nostalgia
Celebrating 10 years with the Gosselin's means taking a stroll down memory lane. They'll be opening up about their fondest memories and share how close they've become. Never-before seen footage and interviews with the whole family will have you feeling all the feels.

2) Family Milestones
Can you believe the sextuplets are already turning twelve? Seems like just yesterday that they were in crawling around in diapers. With Mady and Cara turning sixteen, and all the kids truly coming into their own, be ready to join the whole family as they step into new chapters of life.

3) Friendly family competition
This season kicks off with Kate going all out to plan an epic boys vs. girls scavenger hunt. It's a race to the finish-line to see which team gets first place, and this sets the tone for the rest of the season. To round it out, Kate and the kids will host a family game night full of trivia from their ten years on television. You'll get to play along and put your Kate Plus 8 knowledge to the test!

4) Tween 'tudes
A little sass is a rite of passage during adolescence, right? From meal time and school day prep, to one-on-one time with mom and sibling rivalries, Kate and her kids are continuing to balance out their tight-knit unit. Some days this means they're all smiles, and other times it means they get a little saucy. Bring on the youthful melodrama!

5) Puppies
Kate has her hands full with kids, and now the kids will have their hands full with new furry friends! (Who are we trying to kid? Kate will totally end up taking care of these pups.) Cute kids and puppies--what more could you want?!

6) Adventure
From New Orleans to the Poconos and the beach--the Gosselin clan hits the road and spends a lot of quality time together. You'll be taken right along as Kate and the kids confront their fears, learn new skills, and enjoy plenty of fun in the sun.

7) Lots of Laughter
With so much quality time together this season, all that family time means tons of hilarious and cringe-worthy moments. From wrangling the energetic kids, to dealing with two teens who are about to be driving, Kate's got a lot on her plate. But through all the stress of parenting, she and the kids continue to find the humor and happiness in each of life's daily challenges. Even after all the years, appreciation for family has always been the glue that's held them together.

8) They're Relatable
No matter what role you play in your family, you'll find yourself empathizing with so many moments and emotions in the new season. Whether you're reminiscing back to those family vacation's you took as a child, that time you got a new pet, or when you turned 16 and thought you had all the answers - you'll find yourself feeling oh so familiar with the daily Gosselin grind.

From days filled with changing diapers to the challenges of raising tweens, you've watched the Gosselin family through the ups-and-downs of raising eight children. Now, it's time to get back on the rollercoaster! The new season of Kate Plus 8 begins with an anniversary special on Tuesday, November 22nd at 10/9c!

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