8 Must Take Groomsman Photos

posted: 05/05/17
by: Amanda Mushro

When you make a list of your "must take" pictures for your wedding day, don't forget about all of those handsome groomsman that will be standing next to your soon-to-be husband. From funny to serious to candid and posed, here are a few of our favorite must take pictures of your groomsman

Groom fixing his cuffs

You'll have plenty of pictures of you slipping into your gorgeous dress, but make sure you have a few of your man and his friends getting ready too. We love this simple and candid moment.

she put a ring on it
Huffington Post

We already know your ring is fabulous and you love to show it off. So let your groom and his groomsman have a little fun with this wedding ring must take.

groomsmen admiring the bride

Don't forget to snap a few pictures of the beautiful bride with those dashing groomsman. Here's an easy one that you will want to add to your photo list for your photographer.

groom is sky high
Cloud Front

We know your fianc? is jumping for joy waiting to walk down the aisle, but maybe he needs a little help from his groomsman to get up in the air.

groomsmen toasting
once wed
Make sure your photographer catches the toast the guys share together before it is wedding time!
candid jump
soundtrack to I do

We love any picture that lets your wedding party's personality shine through, and this fun action shot is a definite must take.

Photography by Robb McCormick Photography (www.robbmccormick.com)"">
Big Commerce

Have your photographer snap a pic of their coordinating socks for a fun, easy, and colorful photo.

Groomsmen candid group shot