8 Modern Baby Book Ideas (Because Not All Memories Can Live Online)

posted: 05/12/16
by: Blythe Copeland

Whether you want to record every single moment of your baby's first year in careful detail or just outline the basics; answer specific questions or write from your heart; and focus on the first 12 months or keep journaling well into childhood, one of these baby books is right for you. Gorgeous artwork, engaging questions, and exquisite styling will make these baby books into cherished mementos.

1. A Simple Book of Firsts

Never finished your first child's detailed baby book? Keep it easy for baby number two (or three) with A Simple Book of Firsts from Lucy Darling. Each month offers space for a photo and four small boxes with open-ended prompts, while the end of the book has space for marking the date of everything from first car ride to first steps. The 4 inch square sized photo spots are perfect for your Instagram prints, too.

2. Pearhead Chevron Baby Book

This traditional baby book from Pearhead includes 50 pages with space to fill in all of baby's details, from birth information to milestones up through the age of five -- plus a record of mom and dad's experience: where they grew up, how they met, what they did to celebrate finding out they were pregnant. The book also comes with an inkpad to leave baby's footprint on the cover.

3. 2 Giggles Baby Book

For the mom who's been journaling since junior high, this classic baby book from 2 Giggles comes with 80 pages of information for remembering everything from pregnancy through age 1. Each month offers space for baby's milestones, size, favorite things, activities, and celebrations, plus open-ended prompts (like "You are the definition of happiness..." or "Family Time...") that let mom and dad combine the basic facts with a little extra sentiment.

4. Letters to My Baby

Letters to My Baby is a baby book that isn't a book at all: Instead, it's a set of letters that mom or dad can write to baby at any time. The book is a collection of 12 pages folded to look like envelopes, ten with their own prompts -- including "My wishes for you are...", "The world I want to give you is...", and "Your first home was like this..." -- and two blank. Busy parents don't have to remember any specific dates (when was that first smile, again?) to create a heartfelt memento.

5. Qeepsake

Looking for a more modern baby book? Qeepsake may be the answer: They'll create one for you using your cell phone. The premise is simple: Qeepsake sends a text every day asking one simple question -- think, "What makes your child smile?" -- and collects your responses into an online journal that you can edit, add to, and print. You can also text the company on your own to remember moments that stand out, whether it's a photo of your child's first day at the beach or a funny quote from your preschooler.

6. My Baby Book

Amy Krouse Rosenthal's colorful My Baby Book is filled with 96 pages for photos, mementos, and details of baby's first year. Specific pages for some activities and memories -- like a photo of your baby's feet and a page describing his first bath -- are paired with "snapshot" pages for each month. The companion Your Birthday Book takes the focus off the first year, offering space for an interview and photo with your child on every birthday up to 18 years old.

7. Hugs and Kisses XO Baby Book

The intricate, hand-drawn illustrations in the baby books from Hugs and Kisses XO are a beautiful way of remembering all your baby's firsts. The layout includes spaces for more than 30 photos plus handprints and footprints, an envelope for holding hospital bracelets, and pages for marking birthdays up to age 5. Choose from cover designs including a rocket, mermaid, ladybug, train, sailboat, elephant. butterfly, and more.

8. A blank notebook

A blank notebook is just about as easy as it gets when you're choosing a baby book. You can buy one from any store, in any size, and with any cover design, and use it in whatever way works best for you: Write a line or two to your baby every day, put together a longer letter every month, or journal whenever you feel inspired; attach photos, ticket stubs, and mementos to the pages; keep a list of important dates -- or don't. A Moleskine notebook is an elegant choice, but you can also personalize one using your favorite images from Shutterfly or other photo sites.