8 Genius Ways To Use Your Leftover Painters Tape

posted: 08/03/16
by: Amanda Mushro

A roll of painters tape cuts own on messes and mistakes when you're painting a room, and the designs and patterns you can create on any surface with the tape are endless. But once you're done painting what are you going to do with that roll of tape? Rather than tossing it in the junk draw, here's 8 genius ways to use that leftover painters tape.

For teacher's headed back to school, you can create bulletin boards anywhere or hang student's artwork on the walks without ruining the paint. Put a layer of painters tape on the wall and top with hot glue or double stick tape. The art work sticks to the glue or double stick tape, and the walls are protected by the tape.

You don't need to head to the nail salon to get manicures with creative shapes. Just cut small pieces of painters tape into the desired shape- think triangles, circles, or even half-moons, attach to your nails and paint over the tape. Once dry, remove the tape and admire your fabulous nail.

Baby proof a hotel room in a pinch with a roll of painters tape. You can cover electrical outlets, tape a toilet shut, and secure cupboards with the tape.

Hang a picture perfectly with this tip. On the back of your picture, measure a piece of tape the distance of the picture hanger holes. Place the tape on the wall and drill holes at the ends of the tape. Insert screws and hang your picture. So much easier!

When you're moving, a few pieces of painters tape in an "x" across the glass of a mirror and picture frames can help secure the glass to ensure it won't break.

If you have limited space in your garage but a lot of bikes and riding toys, map out a "parking lot" with the tape so when your kids return their toys, they go to the right spot each time.

Sure a sticky note is a great way to remember your to-do list and label makers are fun, but sometimes those notes are so easy to lose or you don't have a label maker on hand. Just put your note or label on a piece of painters tape for a quick and easy solution.

Keep your foods fresher longer with a little painters tape. It works perfectly for foods in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.





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