8 Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Mom Will Love

posted: 05/10/17
by: Amanda Mushro

Every mom loves a good homemade gift from her kids. From the handmade macaroni necklaces to the picture frames constructed from popsicle sticks, Mother's Day gifts from your kids are meant to be DIY. So if you are feeling crafty and want to help your kids put a little love and little creativity into their Mother's Day gifts, here are a few ideas we know Mom will love.

Mason Jar Frame
Home Stories Atoz

This gift combines all of the Mother's Day favorites: beautiful flowers and an adorable picture of your kids. Learn how to make the mason jar vase here.

Handprint keychain
Grey House Harbor

These handprints are the best kind--ones that Mom won't have to wipe clean. Make this adorable handprint key chain for the mom or grandmother in your life and include everyone's handprints for an extra surprise.

Moms Emergency Pack
Eighteen 25

For the mom that loves her sweet treats, create a box full of her favorites for this emergency stash. The best part of this gift, she doesn't have to share with anyone!

Footprint butterfly pot
Mama Papa Bubba

Who wouldn't love this adorable flower pot adorned with a footprint butterfly? Just grab the craft paint and add a little to your child's feet and let them stamp out a few butterflies. Add a beautiful potted flower and you've got the perfect DIY gift.

Handprint Jewelry Holder
Simple As That Blog

This handprint jewelry holder is sweet and so easy to make. This is a no-bake clay so you can whip up this gift in just a few minutes.

Photo Phone Case
Moms Who Click

If Mom needs a new cell phone case, why not give her one that has her favorite sweet faces all over it. Just find a few pictures you know she will love and get the full directions to make the case here.

52 Reasons I Love You
Visual Heart

We love this "52 Reasons Why I Love You" gift and mom will love it too. Just grab a deck of cards and start jotting down all the reason your mom is the best!

Mother's Day Magnets
Sundae Sins Blog

These mini polaroid magnets are so cute, you'll want some for your house too.

Artwork Candle
Comet Together Kids

This candle is a great way for mom or grandma to keep your little one's art work. This one is super easy to make and inexpensive too.