8 Deodorant Hacks That Have Nothing to Do with Armpits

posted: 05/24/16
by: Amanda Mushro
Deodorant stick

When our favorite funny girl Amy Schumer showed us her brilliant deodorant hack, we started to wonder what else can deodorant do? Apparently, a lot. Sure, it helps keep us dry and smelling fresh all day and, as Amy showed us, it prevents chafing, but deodorant is a lot more versatile than you think. Here are eight deodorant hacks that have nothing to do with your armpits.

A sweat-preventing base

Don't sweat off all of your beautiful makeup when the weather gets warmer. Adding a few swipes of deodorant to your face, mainly around your T-zone, will keep your makeup intact even if you start to sweat. Adding deodorant to the back of your neck, too, will keep your cool and your hair dry when you start to sweat.

No more sweaty palms

Even if you're nervous, you can stop yourself from having sweaty palms. Just roll or spray deodorant on your hands. Now you can shake anyone's hand with confidence.

Forget about blisters

If you're ready to sport a new pair of adorable sandals or killer heels, save your precious feet from blisters by applying deodorant before you slip those new shoes on. The deodorant keeps your feet dry and acts like a barrier. And if those new shoes are a bit too tight, you won't get a painful blister. It also helps with stinky feet -- an added bonus!

Last-minute nail polish remover

If you have spray deodorant, you can use that in a pinch to remove nail polish. Just spray it on a cotton ball and remove the polish like you normally would.

Razor burn eraser

After shaving, a few swipes of deodorant will help ease razor burn and prevents ingrown hairs. You can even use deodorant on an itchy mosquito bite to relieve that painful itch.

Breakout protection

If a pimple pops up last minute and you need it gone fast, adding a little deodorant will help to reduce the redness, dries out the pimple, and can help future breakouts.

Odor eliminator

Spray a little deodorant in your shoes to kill any bad odors or leave the lid off a stick of deodorant and place it on your closet to deodorize a small space.

Bye bye, Sharpie

Permanent marker is no match for spray deodorant. With just a few sprays and a little scrubbing, the ink will come off any surface.