8 Days of Spring Break Staycation Ideas

posted: 03/24/16
by: Katie Morton

Spring break is right around the corner! And while some choose to travel over the break, planning a trip for the entire family can be costly, complicated and exhausting.

If you decide to stay home this year, don't feel as though you have to miss out on all the fun. A staycation can be just as enjoyable! With some pre-planning, your family can have an amazing spring break, right in your own backyard.

Here's our no-boredom guaranteed plan for 8 days of staycation family fun:

Day One: Game Day

Relax on the first day of your staycation. Shut down the computers, set the phones to silent, and spend the day hanging out with the family. If the kids are older, now's a good time to teach them a new card game or how to play chess. The classic favorite, Monopoly, can be enjoyed by the whole family and takes hours to play. Pop some popcorn, roll the dice and really enjoy spending time together.


Day Two: Cooking Class

Kids of ALL ages love to help mom and dad in the kitchen! Even the youngest child can be taught to pour ingredients in the bowl and stir. Older children can help select a recipe, and follow most of the steps themselves. Safety note: Always supervise kids in the kitchen when they're using the stove and knives, especially when they're just learning to cook.

Plan a three-course meal as a family. Select the menu together from cookbooks and then head to the store to shop for the ingredients. If you're lucky enough to live in an area with local farms, head outdoors to pick your own fresh ingredients. Finally, help your family create your chef-inspired meal and enjoy the feast together.


Day Three: Hike

After the chill of winter, the sun of spring is a welcome sight. Find a hiking trail and venture out with the family. You can spend an hour on a gentle hike with smaller kids or make it a whole day, GPS-guided summit if you have older kids. Pack your backpack with snacks, water, sunscreen, bug spray, and you're out the door. The only limit to how far you go is your own endurance!


Day Four: Try a New Sport

Time to try something new and active! Mountain biking, indoor ice-skating, fishing, or even just jumping at a local trampoline park can be fun ways to burn energy. There's nothing quite like enjoying the view from horseback. If you've never been on a horseback trail ride, the spring is a great time to find a riding stable.


Day Five: Visit a Farm

Spring means green grass and fresh crops--especially on the farm! Few things in the world will put a smile on your face like watching your kids pet tiny goats and bunnies. Find a local farm to visit and bask in your kids' laughter, while you breathe in the fresh country air.


Day Six: Hometown Scavenger Hunt

See your hometown in a whole new light by creating a scavenger hunt for your family. Hide clues at several locations and then walk (or drive) to each spot, collecting clues along the way. Hand out a prize at the end for the winner.


Day Seven: Hit the Pool

The gates to your neighborhood outdoor pool may still be locked, but that doesn't mean your bathing suits need to stay in storage until summer. There are a number of local indoor pools that allow you to buy a day pass for the family. Additionally, local hotel pools will often allow you to buy a day pass as well. Pack up the pool noodles and goggles, and dive in until your fingers prune.


Day Eight: Backyard Camping

If traditional camping seems too adventurous, or your kids are too small to enjoy a night in the woods, you can still experience the best parts of camping! Buy an inexpensive tent from your local outdoor store and pitch it right in your own backyard.

Play old-fashioned games like flashlight tag and kick-the-can. Hot dogs on the grill and chips make dinner a breeze. Follow up with s'mores for dessert while stargazing before you turn in for the night.


A spring break staycation can be just as fun and memorable as a family trip! Our tips can help you plan a staycation that'll make memories your whole family will treasure for years to come.