8 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Baby’s Crib

posted: 08/17/16
by: Amanda Mushro

It may seem like you'll always have a crib in your home, but soon enough, the day comes that you just don't need that crib anymore. But rather than retire your baby's crib to some dark corner of storage or sell it at your next yard sale, why not turn that sweet crib into a stylish piece of furniture? Here's eight of our favorite repurposed cribs.

1.) Just because your baby doesn't need the crib anymore, doesn't mean your four legged baby doesn't need a comfy place to sleep. Why not repurpose the crib into a comfy dog crate.

2.) By rearranging the pieces and adding a glass top, turn the crib into a chic desk perfect for any home office.

3.)Or make a pint size desk for your kids. The chalkboard top makes this a perfect craft space for your kiddos.

4.) Use the wire crib spring in your laundry room to create an instant drying rack. You'll save space by attaching this to the
ceiling with a little extra hardware.

5.) Keep the crib in your child's room, but transform it into this beautiful toy chest.

6.) This beautiful bench would be perfect on a front porch and no one would ever know it used to be a crib.

7.) Or skip the bench and create this amazing front porch swing.

8.)Keep all your sewing and craft supplies organized by using the side of the crib as a craft organizer