7 Year Old Girl Shows Friends New Pink Prosthetic Leg and Their Responses Will Warm Your Heart

posted: 05/05/17
by: TLCme

A seven year old named Anu had her leg amputated shortly after she was born and recently got a new prosthetic leg, which she revealed to her friends for her the first time on the playground at Birmingham --- and the responses were so sweet they'll move you to tears. The video was posted on BBC Midlands Twitter account.

One girl asked "Is that your new pink leg!?" and another one exclaimed "Wow!" Bunches of the kids gave her hugs as they run onto the playground overjoyed.

The new leg comes thanks to funding given to the NHS last year, according to the Independent. The money was put in place to ensure children have access to prosthetics that allow them to run, swim, dance....allowing them to do the things their friends do.