7-Year-Old Gets Yelled at For Writing Her Name in Cursive

posted: 08/04/17
by: Kristine Boyd

It's pretty common for kids to get into trouble at school. As a parent, when your child comes home with a note from a teacher, you are prepared to teach them a lesson about how to behave during school. But what if your daughter got in trouble for writing her name in cursive?

One 7-year-old student named Alyssa received her homework back with a harsh note from her teacher. The note read, "Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings." Alyssa's mom has taught her cursive thinking that it was a good skill to have. From the picture, most can agree that Alyssa's cursive at 7-years-old is better than most adults print handwriting. This post was shared on social media over 1 million times. People were just as confused as they are outraged at this teacher's note. Many are confused as to what the issue is. Why does this teacher not want her students writing in cursive?

There was once a time when every student needed to know how to write in cursive, now students are getting reprimanded for it. What is the harm in learning both print and cursive? Tell us what you think about this in the comments!


Via: PopSugar